Reading Groups

#1 Critical Zones

A reading group exploring the exhibition and publication Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth, (eds.) Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel. Taking as its point of departure, the introductions to the eight parts of the book, the reading group explores the diverse contents while bringing in other references and cases relevant specifically to Climate Emergency Studies and notions of ethical, aesthetic and sociopolitical action and agency.

#2 Transversality

A reading group exploring the notion and practice of “transversality” through the work of Félix Guattari and others. Particular attention is paid to the ways in which transversality might be helpful in articulating an understanding of a geo-onto- and epistemological ground for ethico-aesthetic practice across domains. Examples and case studies will be brought in alongside critical theoretical elaborations especially those that pertain to experimental pedagogy and collective, collaborative learning, action and agency.

Seminar Series

#1 Mobilization and Empowerment

A seminar series exploring different engagements with the climate emergency from the perspective of mobilization and empowerment. What spaces for action and agency are available to us, within and across specific sectors, institutions, organizations and disciplines? Where do we find sites and practices for transformative action relevant to the climate emergency? What methods, pedagogies, ethics and aesthetics do they involve?

Bringing together speakers and participants from different academic disciplines and extra-academic institutions, organization and practices, the seminar series constitutes an attempt at mapping out existing spaces for climate relevant protest, resistance, dissent and creation, as well as exploring the potential for the affirmative and critical construction of other ones.